ER Patient Satisfaction Essential for Patient & Hospital Outcomes

//ER Patient Satisfaction Essential for Patient & Hospital Outcomes

ER Patient Satisfaction Essential for Patient & Hospital Outcomes

Ensure Patient Satisfaction – Car Dealerships have it down pat; everyone at the dealership talks about the customer being “completely satisfied.” The same culture should exist in the ER. It’s the simple things – providers that introduce themselves, greeting everyone in the room, and saying hello to the family member walking to the patient’s room – is essential, and goes a long way. Simply saying “goodbye”, or “hope you feel better,” as the patient leaves, returns huge patient satisfaction dividends. You want your patients satisfied and you want them to know that you care about them – everyone wants to feel special. A satisfied patient will return, refer a family member, and has a lower likelihood of filing a malpractice claim – all of which goes toward improved patient outcomes, and hospital bottom-line profitability.

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