Urgent Care

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Urgent Care

OPYS has physician leaders experienced in Urgent Care Medicine.

Our physicians have worked in both large center, and small volume Fast Tracks, Urgent Care, and Walk-in clinics for years. We have experience in National large chain walk-in clinics.

“OPYS is experienced in Urgent Care Medicine, and can design a program that meets your unique needs – whether hospital or physician-owned.”

Board Certified Physicians

Residency Trained, Board Certified Physicians

Residency Trained

We have some of the Nation’s finest outsourced physicians, and providers, here to serve you!

Training & Experience

We have the experience, and qualifications.

Hospital-based healthcare

Whether it’s a large medical center, or rural community hospital, our physicians have the experience.

Patient Centered

Compassionate, evidence-based healthcare.

Patient Centered healthcare

We provide only the very best Patient care and physician services.

Why Choose OPYS

At OPYS, we provide niche physician services, coupled with proven success. Our select physicians have succeeded as staff physicians, and medical directors, at some of the finest rural, community, and tertiary care medical centers, Nationwide. This experience has resulted in a physician network that is committed to quality, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare, through the provision of hospital-based outsourced physician services.

Urgent Care Historical Trend

Since the 1970’s, urgent care centers have delivered ambulatory care to patients.  Urgent care centers typically treat patients who have an injury or illness that requires immediate care – but that is not serious enough for an Emergency Department.  Many centers have been started by Emergency Physicians who have responded to the public need for convenient, efficient, and quality access to unscheduled medical care.  Urgent care centers have been far less common in many states except for example, Florida and California.  This due to in part the primary care physician referral required for many patients to get treatment.


At OPYS, our physicians have worked in centers for nearly the past 20 years.  During which time, our leadership has acquired best practice solutions regarding throughput, staffing, and cost-effective patient care.

Urgent Care Medicine Solutions

Whether you are looking for physician / mid-level staffing or practice management, we have the expertise you need. We understand quality and compliance.  Although quality never differs, compliance does especially when comparing hospital-based urgent care with non-hospital-based independent urgent care centers.  OPYS Urgent Care Medicine understands these basic and essential aspects.  We can help you get your Urgent Care Center running smoothly. Contact us today to discuss how OPYS Urgent Care Medicine can work for you.  (800) 526-OPYS, or contact us.

Efficiency and Quality

  • Hospital-based Urgent Care
  • Urgent Care Center
  • Walk-in Clinics
  • Specialty Care Clinics
  • Ambulatory Care Centers
  • Occupational Care Centers

What Patients Say

“The care was excellent. The whole experience from sign-in to discharge was an excellent experience. When I got home, I wrote on my Facebook about the great care I received in that urgent care.”
Rebekah D., 40 Year Old Patient

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