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Hospital Medicine

Some of the best Hospitalists in the industry.

At OPYS, our accomplished providers come from some of the best hospitals. Currently, there are more than 28,000 practicing Hospitalists providing physician services in the US according to SHM. Most all Hospitalists practice in half of the Nation’s community hospitals. At OPYS, we have some of the most experienced Hospitalists and Hospital Medicine Leaders.

Essential Part of Healthcare in the US

OPYS Hospitalists provide efficient and quality centered patient care. Additionally, our expert Hospital Medicine Leadership team can develop physician service models that meet your unique needs. Our team has extensive metric performance experience, and we can help you meet your benchmark goals. We provide a continuum of quality care best practice accomplishment.

Board Certified Physicians

Residency Trained, Board Certified Physicians

Residency Trained

We have some of the Nation’s finest outsourced physicians, and providers, here to serve you!

Training & Experience

We have the experience, and qualifications.

Hospital-based healthcare

Whether it’s a large medical center, or rural community hospital, our physicians have the experience.

Patient Centered

Compassionate, evidence-based healthcare.

Patient Centered healthcare

We provide only the very best Patient care and physician services.

Why Choose OPYS

At OPYS, we provide niche physician services, coupled with proven success. Our select physicians have succeeded as staff physicians, and medical directors, at some of the finest rural, community, and tertiary care medical centers, Nationwide. This experience has resulted in a physician network that is committed to quality, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare, through the provision of hospital-based outsourced physician services.

Our physicians specialize in fixing throughput and other quality and metric inhibitors. We have significant experience in turning quality and performance measures around. In addition to extensive training and expertise, our commitment and dedication ensure success.

Our Hospitalists are performance oriented, and are incentivized on:

  • Rapid ED admissions
  • Early morning hospital discharges
  • Average Hospital Length of Stay Reduction
  • Prompt in-patient consults

OPYS Hospitalist Program Keys to Success:

  • Effective Leadership & Oversight
  • Appropriate Staffing & Scheduling
  • Effective Systems for Communication & Care Transition
  • Performance Monitoring & Improvement
  • Contact OPYS today, for more information on how we can help you HM program! (800) 526-OPYS, or contact us.

What Patients Say

“The care was terrific; just wonderful! He explained everything thoroughly and even gave me his business card saying that I should ask the nurse to get him for me if I had additional questions while I was being treated in the ED. He even told me I could call when I got home if I had any further questions. I was very impressed with the access he offered me and with the overall care I received that day.”
Gabe G., 55 Year Old Patient

Our Physicians, Your Success®