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Emergency Medicine

Residency Trained, Board Certified Physicians

We began as a group of dedicated and committed emergency physicians who have all achieved great success from methodologies and best practices implemented at other large Medical Centers. From this beginning, OPYS’s outsourced physicians have developed a powerful advantage in achieving measurable performance improvement at partnering hospitals.

At OPYS, we believe our success is largely due to the fact that we are 100% physician owned and operated. Our physician leadership is dedicated to our Mission.

Board Certified Physicians

Residency Trained, Board Certified Physicians

Residency Trained

We have some of the Nation’s finest outsourced physicians, and providers, here to serve you!

Training & Experience

We have the experience, and qualifications.

Hospital-based healthcare

Whether it’s a large medical center, or rural community hospital, our physicians have the experience.

Patient Centered

Compassionate, evidence-based healthcare.

Patient Centered healthcare

We provide only the very best Patient care and physician services.

Why Choose OPYS

At OPYS, we provide niche physician services, coupled with proven success. Our select physicians have succeeded as staff physicians, and medical directors, at some of the finest rural, community, and tertiary care medical centers, Nationwide. This experience has resulted in a physician network that is committed to quality, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare, through the provision of hospital-based outsourced physician services.

Pillars of Success

Our Emergency Physicians are committed to and understand that a successful physician – hospital partner relationship is centered upon strong key principles. The entire OPYS team understands the pillars for success – those that we must maintain and hold highest:

  • Hospital Administration – goals and performance
  • Nursing Staff – teamwork and support
  • Medical Staff – communication and collaboration
  • Patients – quality efficient care and satisfaction
  • OPYS’s Mission and Vision

You will find with OPYS physician services, we are a refreshingly different type of hospital based physician group. We are physician partners who not only have been there, we are still there, and will always be there in both large and community Emergency Departments. We understand hold hours, reducing door to doctor times, greeting and screening waiting patients – we get it!

What patients Say

“The doctor was very good, very calming, very thorough and very transparent. That transparency is very important to me. I want to know what my doctor is thinking and what direction he’s going in. The doctor was open with me and I truly appreciate that.”
David R., 64 Year Old Patient

Our Physicians, Your Success®