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Investor Relations

Join a rapidly growing company providing high quality physician services.

Our primary service lines include emergency medicine, anesthesiology, and hospital medicine.Additionally, OPYS provides various healthcare solutions including community services, best practice consulting, medical billing and more.

We are a physician-owned and operated group practice that utilizes only the highest performing, trained, and accomplished physicians.  Our philosophy is centered upon developing long lasting Hospital relationships in the provision of excellent patient care.  As such, our strategic vision includes those that propagate our mission.

Being a relatively new company, OPYS’s leadership and experience is derived from our pioneering founders, who all have achieved noteworthy success and acclaim as practicing physician leaders. Its team consists of a growing number of physician and nurse leaders from key specialties in a variety of States within the US.


If you are interested in exploring ways to partner with OPYS and it’s existing service lines, please give us a call today at (800) 526-OPYS or contact us.  Due to our physician network, we are able to explore opportunities throughout the Nation.

Our Physicians, Your Success®