Community Services

We offer a variety of community services and resources

Community service is a historical and necessary function of the physician and medical profession.  At OPYS, we believe in reaching out to our community, and Hospital Partner’s community.  We believe this not only improves patient and facility relations, it is also an all to often-overlooked part of health care maintenance & preventative care.

Many of the physicians at OPYS have particular interest in community outreach programs and services such as:

  • Vaccination Programs
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Influenza Treatment
  • CPR

Health & Welfare of the Individual and Community

OPYS physicians are dedicated to the best interest of the individual. Programs of professional and community service need to be attuned to today’s needs, then developed, maintained, and publicized.

Patients and the public are always interested in anything pertaining to medicine and health.  As such, the medical voice of physicians and other health care providers are generally heard and respected.  This allows for a powerful opportunity for physicians to affect change in the community.

At OPYS, we believe community service programs are an essential part of health care.  Such programs insure public support for those things, which in the long run are truly important for the health and welfare of the individual and community.

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